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 I do have a litter planned for 2023!
It will be an all red litter of tris and merles. 
Due in April 2023
For Pedigree, see below:

II am always happy to refer you to a reputable breeder.

I often know of young adults available as well.  Please feel free to contact me for guidance in locating  a well socialized, genetically tested Aussie with health certificate, eye exam, sales contract and registration with AKC and/or ASCA only.

Parents should have OFA, (hips and elbows) CERF, (eye exam)  MDR1  (drug sensitivity)

and DNA verification documented.


 Always insist on written documentation and a home visit.


If you would like my assistance in finding an Aussie, PLEASE send me some personal information about yourself, family members, work schedule, what activies you plan on doing with your Aussie, containment system and why you think an Aussie would make a good match for your family. Your color preferences can not always be granted. 


Your chances of obtaining a healthy and well socialized puppy are much greater if color and/or sex are not deal breakers in your request.

 I have one litter per year.

Aussie breeders frown upon placing orders for eye color in particular. You aren't buying a car with options. Hopefully you are looking for a family member for many years to come. Beauty is only "skin deep." Aussies occupy your soul!

 They are all beautiful!


I receive many inquiries, PLEASE reply with some basic information if you would like

me to reply to you. Thank You!


Pricing of $2500 to $3000 reflects health certifications with genetically tested parents and sales contract guarantees. 

Puppies are sold on spay and neuter agreements. 

 We believe in minimal vaccinations with titer testing.

AKC & ASCA registration is limited and marked "not for breeding." 

For full registration and breeding rights, a co-ownership is required.

I am happy to send you a copy of our contract and conditions.

I require information from you as to your life style, working schedule, family members, containment system and why you think an Aussie is

right for you. They are extremely active and easily trained, but they are

not for everyone! 

The Puppies pictured below are from our first Jo Jo & Grady litter.

GOLDEN GAIT'S BLACK ONYX OF SHADOWFAX, above at 6 weeks, below at two years old.


The two puppies below are her littermates.

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