GOLDEN GAIT                                                                                                                                     

CH. Rondolay's Moonglow Mystique ROMX1  "TIQUE"

"VEGAS"  ASCA CH. Sunfire's Bet Ewe Get Spring Fever, CDX

proudly co-owned with

Dr. Christie Layton and  in training with Lisa Ussery

Bred by David Clayton, Sherriee Scott & Katelyn Scott Peart   

Dam: HOF SVCH WTCH CH Spring Fevers Bet on Black, RN, HSAs, HIAds, RS-E, JV-E, GS-E     


Littermate to Vegas

Proudly co-owned with David Clayton 

These four littermates below were sired by Tique and out of CH. Pinnicle Terra-Blue Cash&Carry

Thank  you Jenny Williams & Emmy Adasiewicz

Ch. Vesper Terra-Blue Embellish "Tinsley"
Vesper Terra-Blue History Maker "Elway"
CH. Rondolay's Moondance Intrigue "Leo"
Vesper Terra-Blue Dance with Me "Sadie"

Sired by Tique and out of GCH. Lunar Ridge's RiverDance

Thank you Amanda & Caroline Lee!



Rondolay's Moon   Dance Mystique  "GRADY" co-owned with Sally Roth, GLADEWINDS

Rondolay's Falla Mystique is in training for Agility with Melinda Griffin, co-owner, in WA.

GCH. Lunar Ridge Special Edition "MARLEY" owned by Kelly McIntosh & Caroline Lee

Rondolay's Moonbeam Mystique, RN, CDX  "BEAMER"  

These girls are sired by Tique and out of  CH. Tosh's Moonlight Mist V Suncatcher. 

Thank you, Kelly McIntosh! 

Breezy is owned by Kelly McIntosh, Jacksonville, FL
Libby, Alotta Moonlighting at Rondolay

RIZZO is sired by Tique and out of  Headstrong's Race Me to Catori,

thank  you, Lori Brewster & Regi Gravette, Breeders.

Rizzo is owned and loved by Beth McClure (and Morgan), Celtic Cross.




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